Gesture Control

We interfaced with the machines using keys for a long time. Then came soft-keys and touch-screen. Now a new way of interaction called gesture control is on the way. It’s definitely going to be a new experience for us.

Today we can assign short cut keys for our Office applications, and one day we can assign gestures to our appliances.

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How to Build the Best HTPC Media Centre at the Right Price

With DVDs phasing out and the rapid growth in online media more and more people are looking to build a HTPC media centre for their living rooms. Good systems are difficult to build and there are many considerations to make when choosing your components.There are three main considerations to make when designing your system.

Price vs Performance

To many it

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The 5 Golden Rules of Tech

I believe there are some important rules that all computer professionals must follow regardless of the specific area of expertise. I’m going to call these “The 5 Golden Rules of Tech” and see what you think of this, but it’s my daily creed. I’d like to get some feedback on these whether you are a tech or a user who

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Careers in Computer Repair

Learn about careers in Computer Repair

As technology is developing, you must have noticed individuals seeking help for installing software, upgrading hardware pieces or protecting the system from several network threats. Technology is no more a simple task and, therefore, individuals need to call tech support agents for their help. Therefore, if you have an interest in technology, then the

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The Decentralization Itch

Decentralization. The buzzword of our times.

Increasing numbers and types of people are possessed of an elusive, but very real, visceral “itch” tied to the concept of decentralization. It’s hard to tell if the itch is caused by the concept or if the concept is simply being deployed in an effort to scratch the itch. It can have the

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