Now You Can Block Your Smartphone’s Signal Even While It’s On

The solution is pretty old actually. A small cloth with very fine silver threads, acting as a Faraday Cage (invented in 1836) when you use it to wrap your smartphone. It works for any phone brand, it’s simple, elegant… itsĀ phonekerchief!

That’s how this cool accessory is called. is selling it exclusively for 15$. Whenever you need to … Read the rest

6 Reasons Why You Should Go for A Xiaomi Smartphone

Today, there are a lot of smartphone manufacturers out there. Unfortunately, not all of them produce satisfying smartphones. Among all these manufacturers, one of the most popular ones is Xiaomi. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top smartphone manufacturers based in China. Their products are competing with top tech giants, such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. … Read the rest

Pandemic Nonprofit Phoning

The Coronavirus pandemic of early 2020 has forced a new normal on virtually everyone, nonprofit organizations included.

Governors’ executive orders to shelter in place, organizations restricting travel, and preventative precautions leading us to work at our home desks now put a premium on using the phone and online meeting software.

Who would have predicted that Alexander Graham Bell’s innovative tool … Read the rest

Love the Video Phone With Digital Phone Service

It’s time to get out of the proverbial dark ages and start using new technology with the video phone and digital phone service. Why aren’t you saving money with digital phone service? You can choose to see who you are talking to if they have a video phone, also. This is the new wave of home telephone service.

Digital Phone … Read the rest