HTML Font Tips

It is very tempting to use fancy looking fonts when designing a web page. After all, the fancier the font the more attractive it will be to visitors and the more likely they will be to stay at your page once they’ve gotten there. Actually, the reverse is often true.

Most people go to a web page because they are … Read the rest

Networking Software and Hardware

Networking allows one computer to share information with another. For home office users, this can be a unique advantage. Rather than putting data directly into two computers, you can put it into one computer and then have that computer share the information by using networking software and hardware. Truly, networking software and hardware make life easier and prove to be … Read the rest

Inkjet Cartridge Buying Tips

If you own a computer then you are more than likely familiar with inkjet cartridges and you are equally well aware of the costs associated with an inkjet cartridge. A necessary item for fax machines and printers, an inkjet cartridge can cost a pretty penny if you don’t know where to purchase them at bargain prices. Let’s take a look … Read the rest