Greta Mikelonis of Manulife Asia on Mental Health

As mental health is (finally!) becoming an increasingly important aspect of our wellbeing, we speak to Greta Mikelonis, Head of Health at Manulife Asia, about the insurance company’s new approach, the industry’s evolution and the importance of digital platforms in raising awareness.

Greta Mikelonis, Head of Health at Manulife Asia

Greta Mikelonis of Manulife Asia talks mental health

The recent

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How to Spark a Consumer-Grade UX Revolution

Key Takeaways

  • Consumer-grade UX is a game changer for enterprise SaaS.
  • Starting at the team-level means starting today, not someday.
  • Don’t work in a vacuum. Understand the business, the product and what customers and end-users like and don’t like about it today.
  • Turn end-users into advocates. Connect with them early in the process, check in with
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Checklist published to help prepare for changes in the

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has published a checklist of key actions to help building owners and operators prepare for the radical health and safety changes contained in the Building Safety Act.

New legislation, which came into force last month, is set to transform the current culture across construction and introduce the most dramatic change to building safety in

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How To Leverage Behavioral Psychology To Make Generic

Distinguishing e-commerce products for consumers is no easy feat. Thankfully Reflect Digital’s head of paid marketing Rob Bridgens shares his guide for creating products with cut-through.

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Starting a Business During a Crisis? Ask Yourself These

By Blair Williams, the founder of the WordPress membership plugin MemberPress and affiliate program plugin Easy Affiliate.

During times of crisis, like the pandemic we’re currently going through, it becomes critical to think carefully before starting a business. 

And even in more stable times, you still need to have clear plans, projections for the future and strategies to deal with

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