Computer Thieves Lurking on Facebook

My computer is less than 3 weeks old and has highly sophisticated protection against viruses and malware, and so forth, but it can’t be protected against all cyber-crime. The crooks are learning their trade in easily accessible classes and are robbing people using their computers. It is a crime that law-enforcers are unable to keep ahead of. As technology moves forward so do the powers of those who are out to cheat and steal.

They are highly trained and experts are manipulating the facts and now they appear to be using social media sites like Facebook for victims. When viewing some videos posted on my page there was nothing to alert me to the fact that someone was tapping into my computer. Within minutes a huge message was written across the browser warning me that malware was affecting it and not to open or close any windows until checking with the technician for which a number was given.

Of course one automatically takes notice of such a warning and the number was rung and a man with a heavy accent promised that he was able to fix the computer. What he needed me to do was type in the name in the URL and when it opened it gave instructions for him to take control of it. That is when a warning came up asking if I wanted him to alter my hard-drive for that to happen.

Warning bells rang out loud and clear and asking him who he was and why he should be trusted he came up with excused like “you are ringing me for help. I am a technician for fixing computers and we do this world-wide.” He then informed me that there will be a charge for his services. On my insistence he gave me the domain address for his company that is registered in Jamaica of all places.

If the Spirit had not warned me and my computer was not used to do God’s work the alarm bells may not have sounded. Checking the company online brought up pages of complaints from people who have paid money to this mob.

We are in the last days and crooks are pouring out of the woodwork everywhere while looking to take advantage of the vulnerable. The easy targets are those who search the web and use multiple sites without adequate protection. Money drives the world of 666 and it is his system of economic advantage that is part of the World Order.