Exercise Your Spirit So That It Will Show in Your PERFORMANCE!

How many times do we plan to do something in life; and get distracted from completing that task?

it all happen during the recession back in 2007-08 William had lost everything including his wife. His health was also becoming more of a concern during these same times.

Broke and homeless was the final conclusion to such a disaster moment in his life; yet this wasn’t the first time this life decesion cam about; it kept coming back in several others ways also.

God is all about building you up for a better future; being prepared for lifes event. Just as Noah built an ark after being instructed by God to get prepared for the rain that will happen.

But all the people around the village was laughing at him; William was also feeling like God is asking him to do something in life. But he kept on refusing to follow those instructions.

The first breaking-point came after he had lost his oldest brother, and he had enrolled into a Bible Pricipal school and training center and he was able to survive that ordeal through God’s mercy.

But he wanted to return back to his hometown and return back to those old ways in life; so he manage to uptain a job and he found himself back working again. How many times do we think that we have found our Comfort zone in life; and suddenly it collaspe right in front of our faces???(What) okay!

So William enjoyed traveling across country anyway possible; like a Mark Twain adventure! So he decided to change careers and become a Commercial driver; so he attend school in salt lake city, utah.

Wow this was great? and he was now back employed or a owner operator of his own Commercial Truck. But God plans was about to show up again in the form of of great recession in the United States.

By now; He really started to remember the story of Jonah and the whale; another person who won’t follow God’s Plans and went into the opposite direction.

So finally the recession hit the united states; and William found himself homeless, unemployed, divorced and broke. (oh well) But he always would read his Bible Daily; for comfort and hope along his journey.

Finally one day; He said to himself?

I have to go back to our Creator and get some answers?

So he did:

He was now living in a Local shelter in Indiana, so this went on for about 90 days. And finally his counselor through the Va decided to contact him through email because he was able to even afford a cell-phone during these days. And many people today don’t truly understand how valuable an email addres could be in today’s times and technology.

So about 80 percent of our homeless population in America; seeks out a library during their days on the street; not only do they find comfort. But its also under a large roof and protection from the weather outside especially during hot days on earth. Amen

You might call this another way of: Exercising your Spirit so that it will show in your PERFORMANCE! (never thought about that point)

Well William had now open the email that was sent to him by his counselor; stating if you could contact me I have a great opportunity waiting for you? (Wow) Maybe its a Job!

So that Monday morning he got a chance to place a call to him: and he said: if you could get over here and see me before I leave today; I have a one bedroom apartment waiting for you. (What)

The phone drop to the floor; before he even got the address; so he had to call him back again. immediately he began backing what few items he had left; and got on a local bus and found the street and location. ( God had a Big Plan awaiting for HIM)

After getting the keys to his New Home; tears came down his eyes out of Joy, Peace and Love that was flowing through his heart. But this plan was only just beginning for Willaim!

After the first few weeks in the New Place; he found out that he was having a hard time sleeping at night in the room.( I wonder; what’s going on HERE?)

So he stopped one of the residents that he had meet since moving in the building, so he explained to him that he was having a Hard time sleeping? So the resident said: ask GOD?

So William returned back to his apartment that day; and looked around and began to ask God: and the Holy Spirit said: I want you to start a Bible Study Group; inside your apartment. (What) ME?

This was really the third time that God had tried to get Willaim to do something in Life!

And like they say: 3 times the Charm! Amen

So William went down to see the director and counselor of the Building and asked for permission to conduct a Bible Study Group in his apartment. The response was overwhelming and the director said: anything you need just let me know even take my office chairs if needed. Amen

William was walking in Shock around the building; but he also had this gaint size smile on his face; as he began to prepare for his first night. God had even given him the name of the group: he said call it” The Seeds of Abraham Spiritual Bible Study Group’, and it will also have 7 key foundations steps to help direct the people in the righ pathway to travel. Amen

Wow William had found his purpose and passion in life; not many people are able to accomplish this task before leaving earth. it was a wonderful thing that God was doing for him and he finally appreciated all that has happen in his life.

We life finally brings a understand of all the hardship, all the relationships that you have losted over the years. Not only losing the valuable time in ones life? But also the sacrifices made just to see another day on earth; sometimes you just break-down and start to cry. Not because you are sad or hurting, but because God’s Love is shining down on your face from heaven.

Well finally the big day has came when he would open his doors and bedroom apartmet to the residents of the building. He had bottle water a small radio for music and some chairs; he was now ready. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the door was open wide for all to come in. But nobody came to the first service; but William still did the message as if the room was filled with people.

At first he was wondering about what could have went wrong???

But he counted all things as JOY, and went on living in the apartment now he was able to sleep again in Peace. (WOW) That was the solution?

Okay so the next week came along and it was another Friday afternoon; but this time the room was filled with the residents. William said to himself: Glory to God! And the Bible Study group was now officially open for business. Amen

So as the group grew stronger now they was ready to hold their first prayer breakfast service, many of the resident was only getting food stamps. So William made a suggestion and said: Please just bring your favorite breakfast item? everyone agree to the challenge and brought what they wanted to share with the group the Most. Amen

It was on a Wednesday morning around 7:30 am and everyone one was cooking and preparing their dish for the group; it was a beautiful sigh to see. And just think this took about 7 to 8 years out of my life before getting back on track with what our Creator wanted me to do in Life.

How often do we advoid what God has instored for us? because we want to be with the World? Amen