Gesture Control

We interfaced with the machines using keys for a long time. Then came soft-keys and touch-screen. Now a new way of interaction called gesture control is on the way. It’s definitely going to be a new experience for us.

Today we can assign short cut keys for our Office applications, and one day we can assign gestures to our appliances. For example I can configure my TV in such a way that it turns off when I doing a punching gesture looking at my TV (more like I’ve knocked it off rather than turning it off). I’m just wondering how people are going to play with it. People love to play and Facebook allowed us to post pictures in comments section, many people came out with novel and playful ideas to express their thoughts through pictures.

So my question is, how are people going to assign gestures to their appliances around them.

May be gamification experts can come up with a collection of gestures that are more engaging or in simple words more fun to do than the normal gestures

Kung fu artists may come up with a list of gestures which are basically kung fu and if that’s done again and again we can defend ourselves in case we are attacked

Yoga experts will come up with a list of gestures that are actually yogasanas and when done repeatedly, we will become relaxed and healthier

Memory experts will come up with a collection of gestures that are easy to remember, so we have n number of gestures, but still we won’t forget it like we forget our password

Kinesiologists will come up with a collection of gestures where I can control my application very accurately (for example I’m driving my video game car very fast, I need precision gestures), gestures that can be done simultaneously so I can control multiple appliances at the same time

Well actually, in a way, this tells us how our society is creative in finding interesting applications of the gadgets we use. Human first tools were simple and crude, such as axes, spears etc. But today, the tools we use are far more advanced and sophisticated. It is this attribute that has propelled our society to the advancement and has a made us dominating species on this planet.

But then this power is put to good use only if we have good understanding about its consequences. Using mere sophisticated tools will not make our life comfortable. We have to be sure that our innovation doesn’t hurt our planet and people.