How Drones Are Being Utilized on Golf Courses

The use of UAV is finding new avenues with every passing day. The field of sports and athletics is no different and many sports teams are actively trying to incorporate drones in team management. Golf is one such sport where drones are being used to a great extent. Drones are being used in the areas of golf management and golf marketing.

Golf management

Managing a golf course is a tough task as it not only involves catering to the golfers but also includes maintenance of the entire golf course. This job has been done manually for years with the staff inspecting each and every corner of the golf course to see the condition of the vegetation. Drones are now being used to manage and monitor different parts of the golf course to make the operation efficient and time-saving. The drones simply move around the golf course and film the various parts of the golf course to find out if there is any problem with the vegetation in any part of the course. There are a number of companies which offer golf course management via drones. NexDrone, Greensight and many other companies use their drones to record the footage and then store it on a cloud for easy accessibility. With aerial imagery, the management team of the course can not only find out the problem areas but can also flag potentially problematic areas.

Golf marketing

Drones have been in use for golf marketing for a long time and golf courses which don’t use drones for marketing purposes are surely not maximizing their marketing potential. UAVs offer the best chance to capture the golf course in all its grandeur and the footage can then be compiled into an awesome promotional video which would convince people in a far better manner than any other promotional pitch. Great videos for marketing normally include a detailed view of each hole in the course with the aerial footage backed by narration of the hole by a reputed golfer. It’s all the better if the drone can also help create a 3D map as it would give any potential golfer an even better idea of what he/she might be getting access to by buying a membership. While many golf courses prefer to use the services of a drone company, a few golf courses use drones so much that they are thinking on the lines of buying one from themselves. There are a number of drones in use for golf marketing these days with Iris+, AirDog, Hexo, Phantom and Q500 Typhoon some of the most popular ones.

While drones are very close to reaching their full potential when it comes to golf marketing, there is still a lot that can be achieved by them in the field of golf course management and maintenance. As drone technology improve and heat sensing and imagery techniques become more refined, it will soon become possible for drones to do the entire analysis on their own with the staff just needing to go and rectify the problem.