How Drones Improve the Shipment of Packages to Customers

Whether anyone believes it or not, drones are the future and they are here to stay. Very soon drones will find an application in every field. Drones are already being used in many countries for various purposes. Extensive research is being done on drone technology in the UK and soon the FAA will publish the rules and regulations regarding drone operation in cities, opening new avenues for these drones.

If there is allowance for the use of drones for commercial purposes, the companies that are reliant on online sale of goods will benefit the most. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have already started making plans to utilize drones for their business. There was a video released by Amazon where a drone was shown delivering a package to the customer’s doorstep.

The shipping of goods through the use of drones will see a drastic change in the time it takes for the goods to reach the customers. Drones are fast and don’t get bogged down due to traffic jams for which enables them to make deliveries much more quickly. The target of shipping companies is to reduce the delivery time of goods from days to mere hours. If this target is achieved then your ordered goods will reach you within the same day.

Countries like Switzerland, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been using drones for delivery of medicines and other medical supplies ever since the development of the first drones back in 2011.

The following are some of the advantages of using drones in the field of shipping:

· Drones are machines that are run without driver so there is no hassle of finding a driver for the delivery of goods,

· Drones do not take the roads to reach the destination so they do not get caught in the traffic and do not get late.

· There is no danger of pollution of any kind whether it is air pollution or noise pollution.

· The drones do not need fossil fuel to run which makes them eco friendly

· Drones are efficient as far as time is concerned

· The GPS can be used to send drone to the exact location without making any mistakes.

Various companies have shipment plans for drone that slightly differ from each other. Matternet plans to send blood samples from the doctor’s clinic to the lab by employing a drone. They are working on drones that would reach their destination in 18 minutes provided the travel distance is less than 10 miles and the drone travels at a speed of around 40 miles an hour. These drones will also need a small yard or rooftop for landing and takeoff as well.

Similarly, Amazon plans to drop boxes from their drones to the intended locations while Walmart is planning on using an application that makes use of regulators for delivery of packages from the Walmart stores to the home of the customers.

In due course, the drones need to be checked for safety and Matternet has plans for that too. If there is theft they can shut down the drone from remote locations or if the drone falls, a parachute will deploy.