How UAV Inspection Services Simplify Inspections and Save Time

Drones are playing a greater role in inspection services these days. With recent technological breakthroughs, such as special cameras to detect leaks and structural damage, drones are becoming the go to source for inspection services that may include danger or accessing hard to reach areas.

The importance of aerial inspections can’t be underestimated, since many lives depend on the precision of these inspections. Inspections carried out by manually put the entire emphasis on the inspector and therefore, the inspector has to take into account the danger to himself/herself, take into account that each inspection has to be precise and take into account that the inspection may need to be done as quickly as possible. The entire process at the end of the day remains dangerous, takes time and there is still no assuredness about the quality of the inspection. There are a number of fields where drones are being used to carry out inspections with greater security and precision and in lesser time.

The fields where drones are actively carrying out inspections include

· Electricity: the electric lines that are running all through the country need to be inspected continuously from time to time to prevent any impending fault. In case of natural disasters, the lines may get interrupted. In such situations, inspecting the lines and finding the areas where the problem has occurred becomes close to impossible for any human being. However, with UAVs, this job becomes simple. The use of UAV for inspection of regular faults in the line is also becoming more common as companies now consider drones a better option than risking the lives of the workers who can fall off the heights or who may come in direct contact with live circuits.

· Gas and oil: the extent to which drones are now carrying out inspections of the oil and gas pipe lines is great. Their use has not only made it safe for the workers but has also reduced the time and cost of inspection. The officials can now be sent directly to the place where the fault has been found saving a lot of time and money.

· Construction: when the construction site is extensive, drones are being used to carry out inspections. This is a great way to cut back on time that it normally took to monitor the construction site manually.

· Agriculture: Drones are being used to inspect wineries for the ripening of the grapes or for observing any change in fruits due to any pest or other infections. This helps the farmers to reap a better harvest at the right time and sell products at a better price.

There are many other fields where drones have the potential to carry out inspections such as solar installations, cooling towers, forestry, wind turbines, bridges, train lines, monuments, radiation monitoring and measurements etc. These are the areas that require people to endanger their lives to find minor faults in the systems and this can be avoided entirely by the use of UAV inspection services.