Now You Can Block Your Smartphone’s Signal Even While It’s On

The solution is pretty old actually. A small cloth with very fine silver threads, acting as a Faraday Cage (invented in 1836) when you use it to wrap your smartphone. It works for any phone brand, it’s simple, elegant… its phonekerchief!

That’s how this cool accessory is called. is selling it exclusively for 15$. Whenever you need to make yourself unreachable via phone, simply wrap it up in the phonekerchief and unwrap it when you can use it again.

But the phonekerchief may have other, more subtle uses. We’ve all went through family gatherings, during holidays, birthdays and other occasions where phones were ringing, buzzing and kids were texting like crazy instead of spending quality time together like they should at a family event.

You can simply place some phonekerchiefs on the table, politely inviting your family to temporarily cut off virtual connections in favor of the real ones. Or give it as a present to your girlfriend, just to remind her that her phone habits are seriously lowering the quality of your “together time”.

One way or the other, the phonekerchief is an extremely simple solution to cutting off your phone’s connectivity without turning it off, as well as inviting others to do so in a polite manner.

Just remember, the phonekerchief only works if it’s wrapped up tightly around your phone, without any gaps. Otherwise, the Faraday Cage phenomenon cannot take place.

The phonekerchief doesn’t look flashy, in fact it sort of looks like a regular handkerchief, except the big “My phone is off for you” message written on it, that lets you know the difference. Keeping it somewhere where other people can see it will only let them know you are there to be with them and 100% committed to the time you spend together.

Phonekerchief has just one downside. Missed calls don’t get recorded unless the caller leaves a message. So it may not be the best solution when you’re expecting an important call, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be useful for many situations. It’s also a unique fun gift, you can give to practically any friend or family member (because who doesn’t own a phone these days?).

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