Speed Up Your PC Performance With Fabulous Computer Tricks and Tips

Over time, all computers are likely to slow down in performance, leading us to buy hardware equipments afresh for maintaining its speed and performance. New hardware equipments can be too expensive, that most people feel uncomfortable to spend some bucks in buying them. For those whose PC is under trouble and wish to recover its speed and performance, there are fabulous computer tips and tricks with which you can speed up your computer’s performance.

All machines are saturated over time and this applies to PC as well. With numerous useless data collected as garbage collections, your computer is cluttered, leading to slowing down its performance. The version of your PC also plays a detrimental role in affecting its performance. If you choose to use an operating system of lighter version, its performance will be higher. However, you need to compromise either the speed or the quality of your OS if you wish to increase your computer’s performance.

Every time you try to install and uninstall any new program, you will find some files being stored behind as registry files. These are nothing but garbage files, which you need to, remove entirely to help improve the performance of your PC. Registry Cleaner is a software program, whose job is to empty the entire garbage registry files in no time. You may find some unwanted startup programs, which you do not use that often. To remove that, follow these steps:

Go to your startup menu -> Home -> run.

Type msconfig, uncheck all startup programs which you do not use that often under the startup tab.

It might ask you to restart your system while removing the startup programs. By doing this, you can free you PC’s memory by thirty percent. Following these tips and tricks, you can improve the performance of your PC without any compromise to its quality and critical information.