The 5 Hottest Software-Defined Networking Products Of 2020

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Gina Narcisi

SDN technology is helping businesses overcome the new networking requirements that the COVID-19 pandemic unceremoniously ushered in. Here are a handful of the hottest SDN solutions on the market today.

A Software-First Approach

There‘s no denying that interest in software-defined networking (SDN) solutions had been on the rise, but then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

The global health crisis has changed the networking game, in some cases, overnight. Employees all over the globe left the enterprise campus and began working from home full-time, creating millions of “mini branches” that had to be accommodated. At the same time, businesses have had to re-think their approach to networking and IT. That‘s because they were facing supply chain issues, or simply couldn’t afford large, premise-based technology refreshes anymore as COVID-19 spurred an economic downturn.

But the silver lining is SDN technology. This agile approach to network management is giving businesses the programmability they want and need, without breaking the bank. And it‘s letting both businesses and channel partners add new services on the fly, like security capabilities and SD-WAN.

Here are five of the hottest SDN solutions on the market today that are helping companies adjust to the new normal‘s networking requirements.


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