Tips for Developing Awesome Mobile Apps

Today, business owners are trying their level best to get the most out of mobile apps. Now, they are trying to go beyond developing a mobile-supported version of their blogs or websites. What they want to do is have apps that can really have a positive impact on their bottom line. However, the problem is that it’s not an easy task to do. The success of an app is based on a lot of factors, such as its simplicity and usability.

Keeping these things in mind, we have put together a list of a few tips that may help you make an app that users will just love.

Test your product

Once you are done with an app, you shouldn’t launch it unless you have passed it through important tests. So, it’s a good idea to use a good tool for testing purpose.

Motivate your users

While it’s better for you to get motivated, make sure you motivate your users as well. What you need to do is find out what motivates them the most. This way you can have a solid base for making an awesome user experience with your apps.

Consider offline experience

Know that some apps offer great benefits even if the user is offline. For instance, popular apps like Evernote and WorkFlowy work great even without the access to the Internet.

The point is that this is the design practice that today’s developers should aim at. In other words, the applications should provide value even if the user doesn’t have access to the web.

Make it easy to use

Although 50% of citizens of the USA own mobile phones, know that not all of them know how to use their phones in the best way possible. Most of them are not expert users. So, what we want to say is that your app should be as easy to use as possible so that even a first time user could get the hang of it.

Make it quite simple

As soon as you have a design ready, make sure you have a family member or a friend use it. How did he feel while using it? What did they say about it? Did they find it easy to use? Make a note of what they say and follow it while making improvements to your product.

Consider both the platforms

The usage pattern of Android users is different from that of iPhone users. Be sure your design pattern suits the OS you are going to launch it on. One size may not fit everyone.

Use Grids

While designing, it’s a good idea to use a grid as it will help you keep things consistent throughout the process. As a matter of fact, grids are one of the most important concepts as far as making an app is concerned. This tool will help you maintain consistency and create something that will be stunning.

So, if you want to be a good developer, make sure you follow the tips given in this guide.